READY READY instant nails sparkles it's energy on 2024 NYFW

READY READY instant nails sparkles it's energy on 2024 NYFW

Collaborated with luxury brand Bibhu Mohapatra and showed READY READY is a high-end nail jewelry brand that is popular among young people.

READY READY aims to create high-end nail jewelry and become the “Haute couture” that belongs to the nail industry. Recognized globally by Vogue, NYFW, Red, and JTDAPPER FASHION WEEK, our brand is turning new nail technologies into daily life to revolutionize the nail industry.

Discover the Latest Fashion Trends Straight from READY READY instant nails & NYFW 2024.

It was a fantastic experience with Bibhu Mohapatra.

Each piece by Bibhu Mohapatra exudes an indescribable elegance and sophistication. His meticulous attention to detail and careful selection of materials set his work apart on the fashion stage.

Why choose READY READY ?

“ They are modern, it’s all about the technology, it’s about speed, it’s about healthy.”

“ I think READY READY can be the everyday nail, because it’s not just about having a decorated nail, it’s just about having nails are nicely done and works for the outfit that you’re wearing.”

“Our paces has changed the way we live, we have less and less time to get ready and what READY READY does is really cutting down the time to have the final fencing touches.”

“It’s a luxury handmade nails.”

Mohapatra’s reference of this show was the photographer Helmut Newton’s pictures of women in the late ’70s and ’80s. “There are always two things about his work: He made women powerful but also made them into objects.”
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