Located at 223 Mott St Soho

First Press On Nail Store In NYC

We are READY READY, the first and only instant nail store located in the heart of SoHo area at 223 Mott St, New York, specializing in fast, stylish, reusable, healthy instant-to-go nails.

Who Are We?

We believe that nails can be a statement piece in our daily looks. We empower individuals to express their unique style and creativity through high-quality, affordable, easy-to-use, healthy, and long-lasting press-on nails, which allow them to change their style as often as they like. We believe that everyone should feel confident to express themselves whoever they are and whatever they look like.

Why Do It?

Nail decoration has become a must-have for fashion enthusiasts.

Nail lovers usually spend 1.5 hours and 100 to 300 dollars to do nails every month.

The most common side effect of doing nails is painful, itchy eczematous dermatitis.

Why Is Beauty So Costly, Time-Wasting And Painful?

We believe beauty should be equitable and inclusive. That is why we build Ready Ready. Our ready-to-go nails require only 10% of the time and cost compared to getting nails done at a salon, making them accessible to everyone.

2024 NYFW

A partnership epitomizing sophistication and efficiency emerges from the grandeur of the Bibhu Mohapatra Fall 2024 collection showcase at The Pierre Hotel in New York. READY READY's artisanal press-on nails were meticulously curated to harmonize with each ensemble's intricate tailoring and exquisite embroidery Discover the epitome of refinement with nails that not only exude style but also uphold the utmost standards of nail health and sustainability. Join us in embracing a revolution in the nail industry by seamlessly integrating fashion and functionality into everyday elegance!